Is Coach Travel always the Cheapest Option?

If you are in the United Kingdom, then coach travel is always the cheapest option. Hiring or renting a car is feasible if you intend to explore places or tread routes where regular coaches don’t ply. Train is a viable option but it is not as reasonable as coach. With London as your base or first stop, you can travel all of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales via coach.

You can also travel to several major cities across Europe by coach. Many tourists actually prefer coach travel as it allows one to truly explore the amazing landscape of the United Kingdom. Although it is a small region if you go by the size, the uniqueness and diversity, from London to the countryside, from the Scottish glens to the Welsh towns, is not lost on anyone.

  • You can go for the Brit Xplorer Pass offered by National Express. You can get the pass for £79, which allows unlimited access to any number of trips with the National Express Network for a period of seven days. This is perfect for people spending a week touring different places across the United Kingdom.
  • If you are planning to tour beyond, say Barcelona or Prague, then you can use the partnership National Express has with Eurolines. You can use the expansive network of Eurolines and take a bus to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels or Prague among many other cities across Europe. Alternatively, you can take the Megabus UK and plan an outbound trip to Dublin or Paris. Megabus UK has extremely reasonable coach tickets.
  • Coach travel is relatively time consuming but they offer a joyride. You would get wireless internet aboard most coaches. Timings are really convenient and the prices are always cheaper than trains. Just to give you an idea, coach travel from London to Edinburgh will cost you around £17 whereas a train ride will cost you £45, you would pay £4 for a bus ride to Manchester and £20 on a train. Whether you are traveling to Birmingham or Liverpool, Oxford or Glasgow, Bristol or Cambridge, you will save with coach travel.
  • If you are traveling to Paris, you would be saving around £50, almost £20 en route to Dublin, taking a train to Amsterdam will cost you almost £60 more and you would be saving £50 and £180 respectively on your trip to Prague and Barcelona. It is easy to see why most people prefer coach travel.