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Employee Chris

Chris Baker - Bodyshop Techinican

Chris Baker

Chris Baker joined our team after being made redundant at a company in his hometown Consett. When the roof racking company he worked for closed and Chris found himself looking for new work a friend of his informed him that Classic were looking to recruit more skilled bodyshop men.

Chris was already familiar with the company due to it's outstanding reputation in Durham and jumped at the offer of a new challenge and the prospect of working at one of Durham's leading employers. Once at the company Chris felt right at home with his new colleagues whom he affectionately reefers to as "a good set of lads".

Chris in action

Classic prides itself one the apperance of its fleet and applying a new coat of paint to a vehicle is a frequent activity. Before that process can happen, however, the old paint needs to be removed and the vehicle's body needs to be brought back into the pristine condition. This is where the bodyshop technicians come in. Chris enjoys this chance to use his range of physical skills and abilities that doing this  requires.

Chris's personal hobbies include weight lifting, in which he has won numerous awards.  He also trains and referees the sport. When Chris is socialising at the pub he likes to  indulge in a spot of darts and plays for the Jolly Jovers of Leadgate darts team. Chris does not follow football as much as he did in his youth due to his belief that the spirit of the game is no longer the same. He puts this down to the commercialism and high quantities of money involved but he still enjoys catching the odd game when flicking through the TV sports channels. When he was  a more keen follower of the game he supported the Merseysiders from Anfield, Liverpool F.C.

son Andrew

Chris so much likes working here at Classic that only a couple of months later he convinced his son Andrew to join the team. Father and son are already a well recognised part of the company and their fellow bodyshop colleagues hope to enjoy their banter and company for years to come.