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Employee Dawn

Dawn Watson - Holiday Reservations Clerk

Dawn at workAfter a number of years working in the Job Centre and local council offices, Dawn Joined Classic in 1999. She quickly fitted into the busy holiday office, making new friends and wowing customers with her distinctive Wearside accent.

Classic's holiday personnel not only take the bookings over the phone but also liaise with resorts, hotels, theatres and other attractions to bring you the best value in quality coach holidays. The new 2007 brochure is to be launched at a Mystery Location on the 12th November. Get yours by calling the holiday office or using the online form here.

Dawn's acting skills in wire in the blood
Dawn appearing in
'Wire in the Blood'

Speaking of her job she said, "I love the variety of people you get calling up about the holidays. You can have a laugh and joke with them. You couldn't find a better bunch of colleagues; it's a great atmosphere." Asked what she would change about the job Dawn said that it is a bit quiet in the winter and more bookings would be nice.

Two years ago Dawn married and she is now expecting her first child in March 2007. She also finds time to take on work as a filming extra and has been seen recently in the hit ITV series 'Wire in the Blood', a quotation from 'Burnt Norton' by T.S. Elliot. Dawn's non-speaking role lasted 8 seconds but took 3 days to film during which she made pals with Robson Green, the heartthrob male lead.


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in 'Wire in the Blood'