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Classic Incomer SchemeClassic not only serves its UK customers, but also helps groups from elsewhere explore the UK. We can arrange every detail of your trip from the moment you arrive.

Browse the range of Classic vehicles to choose from (listed on the left). Don't forget to see our 73 or 77 seater luxury double decker coaches with optional trailer, ideal for touring with bulky items.

Hire any combination of Classic's top quality motorcoaches - our wide selection helps make your tour budget go further.

Classic's Incomer scheme includes:

  • A complete service from point of entry to point of exit anywhere in the UK (Port or Airport)
  • Arranging accommodation, transfers, excursions, and dealing with all UK arrangements for you
  • Luxury travel tailored to your requirements with trained and experienced drivers
  • Optional Blue Badge Registered Tour Guides to give your visit the authentic and informative advantage.
  • Provision for sports, music, entertainment, University, or other groups where bulky equipment or instruments are required.
  • Dealing with UK authorities on your behalf as required
  • Booking Theatre tickets, Ferry tickets etc.
  • Hassle free Restaurant reservation can be made through Classic's Incomer Scheme

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