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Western Links is a Demand Responsive Transport solution for rural area transport where regular bus service provision would be prohibitively expensive. DRT matches demand with supply and eliminates costly empty journeys for the buses and long waiting times for the passengers.

The Western Links consists of some regular bus services and DRT to outlying areas. R1/2 provide regular trips in and around the immediate Ryton area providing frequent links to Ryton centre and Safeways as well as the Ryton Transport Hub for journeys further afield.

R1 operates Mon-Sat from the Transport Hub at 0830 and hourly until 1730. R2 operates Mon-Sat from the Ryton Hub at 0900 and hourly until 1700.

For journeys in the DRT area click
here for maps. Book your trip by calling
0191 202 0605 0800 - 1900 Mon-Sat and 0830 - 1630 Sundays on your chosen day of travel.

Evening departures from The Ryton Hub are hourly from 1800 until 2200 and are Demand Responsive. That means to be sure of a journey to your destination you will need to tell us where and when you wish to travel. Click
here for maps.

Booking your trip on the DRT service could not be easier. Just call

0191 202 0605

From 0800 - 1900 and 0830 - 1630 Sundays on your chosen day of travel.
Lines remain open after this time until last bus for operation enquiries only.

Sunday services are broadly similar to the evening Mon-Sat except first bus from Ryton Hub is 0900. Click
here for maps.

Since their inception these services have been operated by Dean's Taxis on behalf of Nexus. Since the reallocation of contracts Classic will run these routes from the 6th October 2003. These services will run from our East Boldon operating centre with the same familiar easy access, low floor buses.

To view the area maps for Western Links DRT click

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